Office 365 consultancy | Social Collaboration | Intranet | Enterprise Social
We help organisations with internal and external communication and collaboration by advising on the implementation and adoption of Office 365 services.
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Concept development, UX/UI-design and technology implementation and adoption

The Cloud is making technology that we use to for our work more comparable to what we are used to as consumers, but how can you make sure that the organisation is getting the most out of the possibilties that the Cloud brings? It’s important to introduce technology the right way and not simply enable it and look at it from a distance. The role of communities is getting more important because of the introduction of Enterprise Social technology, but it’s also important to realize an experience people can be excited about. This is possible by taking employees more seriously from the beginning as with our approach for realizing Social Intranets. We are experts in the field of social technology and the Cloud and can help organisations get the most out of the potential of the workforce by realizing technological solutions people love.

Change management, internal and external communication and collaboration

To improve communication and collaboration within organisations, one has to deal with the company culture and that’s defined by human behavior. How can you get people to ask for feedback when you know that asking for feedback also means that people will expect to be involved as soon as you start involving them into your decision making? We know how important it is to set the stage as management, but you also need a vision for technologies that can have such an impact on the company culture. After a short assessment, the opportunities and risks become clear and a plan is presented which supports the company goals. By making use of reporting tools, insights are given which can be used to determine if the goals have been met and to change course when appropriate to maximize the effect. Interested to learn more? Contact us or schedule a call with one of our experts.