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We help organisations with internal and external communication and collaboration by advising on the implementation and adoption of Office 365 services.
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Center of Excellence & CoE starter kit

We offer Office 365 advice in a more modern way. You don’t have to provide a workplace, hardware or a badge as our Office 365 expert only works remotely. You can schedule Skype calls and reach the Office 365 by email, but the most important part is that this expert actually joins your Yammer network. This allows the Office 365 expert to reach your entire organizations to answer their questions and introduce new Office 365 services & features. The Office 365 expert also helps your organisation with the adoption of the Office 365 services by analyzing statistics and sharing reports. 

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Power Platform ALM lifecycle management

Is your organisation making use of the potential of Office 365? Our Office 365 advice can help you get the most out of the Office 365 platform and we do this by providing customized workshops and training and creating video tutorials in both English and Dutch. The instructional videos are shared on your company’s Enterprise Social network (Yammer) and our Office 365 experts will be available to answer questions afterwards. We do this because we understand that questions might come up later and we are really aiming at helping organisations get the most out of Office 365.

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Fabric (Power BI Premium) capacities 

The Office 365 & Cloud scan include an analysis of your IT environment and advise you on pretty much anything related to the Cloud. Our experts can help you with SEO, UX/UI, Social Media services such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. We’re not associated with any other organisation and can advise you while being completely objective. We’re not associated with any other organisation and are completely objective. You can also reach out to us to get a review of how you’re currently managing Social Media.

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