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We help organisations with Yammer, SharePoint, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, Office 365 and Social Media such as Facebook.
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How the cloud is changing the way we collaborate and communicate


The Cloud is turning the technology we use for work into the technology we’re used to using as consumers. This is great, but the Cloud also brings new risks. This is why it’s important to inform employees on how to make use of Cloud technology without risking the loss of sensitive data stored on the many types of devices they use to connect to Cloud services. Cloud services are relatively secure, take into account redundancy and they innovate a lot faster. Check out our technology blog or follow us on FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn to stay up to date regarding new developments in the field of social technology.

Enterprise Social network owned by Microsoft and part of Office 365

Document and knowledge management portal technology owned by Microsoft

Microsoft’s suite of Cloud services for the enterprise formerly known as BPOS

Chat, audio and video conferencing application. Owned by Microsoft and part of Office 365

Google owns the most popular search engine, smartphone OS and video sharing platform

Facebook has taken its first steps in the field of Enterprise Social technology with Workplace.