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Voor organisaties die het maximale uit Enterprise Social willen halen. Zero-email, Sociaal Intranet en Yammer advies, implementatie & adoptie. Dé ESN expert
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About Enterprise-Social.com

Pooya Obbohat (owner)

Enterprise-Social.com was set up by me in 2016 to help organisations with the implementation and adoption of social technology. After getting my MSc degree at the Delft University of Technology, I joined Microsoft as a trainee in the Next Generation Consultant trainee programme. This traineeship gave me the opportunity to set up my own projects and one of my projects was the realization of a Business Course. This Business Course has turned into an annual event, organized voluntarily by the latest group of trainees and it has turned into the primary source for finding new trainees since it’s launch in 2008. This project convinced me rather early in my career of the potential when working on something with a diverse group of people.

After the traineeship, I worked as a consultant and project manager within the Business Productivity team of Microsoft Services. During these years I really focused on end user adoption of technology and I did this by realizing solutions that everyone would enjoy to use. It didn’t take long before I figured out that you need to be very critical of the experience of the end users as I was confronted with a lot of solutions, such as Intranet environment that people barely used. The acquisition of Yammer by Microsoft in 2012 allowed me to include Enterprise Social technology in pretty much all my projects. It’s something I use for the communication and collaboration as a project manager, but I also started to integrate it into the SharePoint solutions I was designing. My passion for social technology and my creativity allowed me to realize the first standardized Social Intranet solution within Microsoft.

Enterprise-Social.com has been set up as a platform to facilitate a more modern type of consultancy. An example of this is our Office 365 expert advice service. This service allows me and other freelance Office 365 experts to help organizations right there in their Enterprise Social (Yammer) network by answering questions of employees and introducing new Office 365 services and features. This limits the amount of overhead and makes it easier for us to reach the entire organisation and have an impact on the way Office 365 is used. This service is interesting for organisations because it allows them to have an expert in their network without the need of having to hire a freelancer temporarily or hiring an expensive consultant from a consultancy firm.

Interested to know more? Fill out our contact form and we’ll reach out to you as soon as possible. Want to stay up to date regarding the latest developments in social technology?

Pooya Obbohat