Project management | a community driven approach for a better solution
Realize the best T solutions by making use of Enterprise Social technology (Yammer) for the communication with the project team and end-users.
Enterprise Social
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Project management

A community-driven approach to realize the best solution 

IT projects nowadays require the cooperation between different departments and they have an impact on organisational aspects. That’s why we help with a more modern approach for project management. We already makse use of this approach when we implement zero-email, realize Social Intranets and launch Enterprise Social networks. We also advice organisations on how to make use of Enterprise Social technology and Cloud services to improve communication and collaboration within projects. We know based on our experience that a more social type of communication will increase the effectiveness and involvement of teams. Our approach builds on Agile development by allowing more people to be involved during the lifetime of the project. Interested to learn more? Contact us or schedule a call with one of our experts. Follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn or YouTube for updates regarding our services and our blog.

  • Intake

    Interviews and analysis of existing experience and solution requirements

  • Concept Dev.

    Developing & discussing possible concepts and project approach in a workshop

  • Development

    Setting up project portal and start of collaboration based on an agile approach

  • Implementation

    Go-live and start of communication by working with departments

  • Evaluation

    Evaluation, measuring adoption and incorporating feedback in roadmap