Yammer network launch | Enterprise Social implementation & adoption
Get a critical mass on Yammer within weeks or months and not years. Enterprise Social training and workshop by experienced Microsoft consultants.
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Viva Engage (Yammer) network launch

Get a critical mass active on Yammer in weeks or months and not years

A Yammer network Launch network is an important factor when it comes to the adoption of this technology. This is the moment when the organisation sets the stage. A successful launch provides the best possible first experience. The network should be interesting enough for them to visit frequently and actually engage with others on things they find important and things the management finds important.

Enterprise Social is new for most organisations and this is why people consider it as something on top of internal e-mails. This is why we offer zero-email solutions and help with the realization of Social Intranet environments. We have launched many Yammer networks and would love to help you with the introduction of this technology. Interested to learn more? Contact us or schedule a call with one of our experts. Want to stay up to date regarding Yammer developments? Follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn or YouTube.

Perfect start

The way Enterprise Social technology is intruced has an impact on the adoption in the long term. It’s important to provide a great first experience. That’s why we realize a private group for communicaty managers at the start of the project. That’s where they can ask questions and also where we help them to start helping each other when they face difficult situations.

More engagement

Interaction or engagement on an Enterprise Social network is essential and that’s why we offer workshops specifically designed for the management, employees and community managers. It’s important to take into account the different ways people can make use of Enterprise Social. Our Yammer network launch solution makes sure that everyone with an important role is briefed correctly.

Proactive approach

An Enterprise Social network launch is a pro-active approach to the adoption of this technology. By introducing Enterprise Social technology in an effective way, the adoption will increase in less time and a critical mass will be active on the network within weeks or months, not years.

Reduced risks

Communicating and collaborating in a more transparant also has risks. By providing workshops for the IT-department and management regarding security and privacy, these risks will be clear and steps can be taken to minimize them.

Management connection

Management has to lead by example. By making use of our customized workshops for management we provide you with a clear view of what could happen and this helps you to be prepared for this transition before it takes place.


    Interviews and analysis of the current experience and requirements for a network launch


    Workshops and setting up a PoC to allow all to experience Enterprise Social technology


    Setting up project portal and collaboration with the stakeholders by using an agile approach


    Go-live and start of communication to the users by working with different departments


    Looking back, measuring adoption and incorporating feedback into a roadmap

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Other Enterprise Social solutions

Enterprise Social technology such as Yammer should replace internal emails and we can help you with that. We have helped many types of organisations, departments and teams transition to Enterprise Social and we also have experience in setting this up for external communication and collaboration. Our aim is to help you set up internal and external communities and fully benefit from this evolution in how we communicate and collaborate at work.


It takes more than just allowing people to “like” articles and comment on them to realize a Social Intranet. We have realized many Social Intranet environment and we know how to integrate the Intranet (SharePoint) with your Enterprise Social network (Yammer). This is important because it doesn’t compromise the experience and takes into account the different types of audiences you want to reach. We also incorporate feedback from users before a single line of code is written.