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We help organisastions to get the most out of the Cloud with zero-email solutions, SharePoint, Yammer, Office 365, training, Cloud and project management.
Consultancy, advice, project management, Intranet, Enterprise Social, Yammer, SharePoint, Office 365, Skype for Business, Microsoft
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Office 365 Expert

Office 365 Expert

You can have an Office 365 expert in your Yammer network for a fixed fee per Month
Office 365 Expert
Office 365 Training

O365 workshop

Office 365 workshops and training for teams, management and departments
Office 365 Training
Cloud Scan

O365 & Cloud scan

Get strategic insight into the Cloud opportunities within a week
Cloud Scan


Our Enterprise Social advice helps organisations to communicate and collaborate in a more modern way 

Enterprise Social technology allows employees to communicate in a modern way as with Social Media platforms such as Twitter, but most organisations still rely on internal emails. Enterprise Social has a big impact on both business processes and company culture, but adoption can take years if you don’t intervene. We know this because we have implemented Enterprise Social networks successfully for many organisations. We’re experts in this field and that’s why we help organisations with zero-email solutions, Social Intranets and the launch of Yammer networks. We have realized standardized solutions for Microsoft and Microsoft Partners and have a very good idea of the potential of social technology.

Enterprise Social is an important part of our services. We offer for example Office 365 experts that join your Yammer network. That’s where the Office 365 expert answers questions from employees, introduces new services and helps with Office 365 adoption. We also provide consulting services and help organisations with improving IT project management. Interested to know more?  Schedule a call or you can also fill out our contact form and have us reach out to you. Want to stay up to date regarding social technology, our services or our technology blog? Follow us on FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn. We have also made several video tutorials available for free on our YouTube channel.

Are you a freelancer located in the Netherlands, do you have extensive Cloud experience and would you like to help our customers by advising them on the implementation and adoption of technology and by doing this inside their Enterprise Social network? We’re always looking for experts to reach more organisations. Fill out the contact form and let us know about your experience with Cloud technology and your availability.

  • Zero-email solution

    Zero-email solution

    Your organisation can be saved from internal emails within weeks

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  • Social Intranet

    Social Intranet

    An Intranet environment that employees visit often and voluntarily

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  • Yammer launch

    Yammer launch

    Get a critical mass on Yammer in weeks or months and not years

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Intranet environments


Yammer introductions


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