Office 365 expert advice right there within your Yammer network
Our Office 365 experts answer questions of employees, the IT department and the management via Skype, email and on your Enterprise Social (Yammer) network.
Office 365
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Microsoft 365 expert advice

Get access to an Office 365 expert advice for a fixed fee each month

An Office 365 expert you can schedule Skype calls with and reach by email, but also someone that joins your Yammer network. This allows the expert to reach your entire organizations and give them Office 365 expert advice about the features.  The expert also shares reports and helps with Office 365 adoption.

You get to decide on who can @mention the Office 365 expert by adding the account to private or public groups. You can make use of an online form to schedule Skype calls and you can even have the expert engage with Microsoft support and save local IT time and allow them to focus on things they can actually improve.
  • No need for desk or hardware.
  • No lunch during your time
  • Option to try it out first
  • Advice in a modern format (screenshots & videos)
  • No need to pay for unnecessary research
Interested to learn more? Contact us or schedule a call with one of our experts. We’re happy to look at the possibilities for your organisation. Don’t forget to follow us on FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn to stay up to date regarding our services and technology blog.

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Expert in your network

To increase the adoption of Office 365 services you have to be able to talk to people on each level within an organisations. You have to be able to provide functional and technical advice to employees and the IT department, but you also have to be able to advice the management on the adoption of Office 365 services.

Schedule Skype calls online

Everyone can tag the Office 365 expert in public or private groups on your Yammer network, but you can also easily schedule Skype calls by filling out an online form. We can easily help you remotely by making use of Skype.

Office 365 adoption

Our Office 365 experts have extensive experience with Office 365 adoption. Our experts will continously provide reports on the Office 365 adoption and you can always reach out to them via private messages, email or schedule a call to look at ways to increase Office 365 adoption.

Introduction of new services

Microsoft is continously working on improvement to Office 365 services, but they also regularly introduce new services and features for existing ones. We’re on top of these developments and produce instructional material such as video tutorial and share them at no cost in your Yammer network.

Fixed fee per Month

Our services are available for small, but also larger organisations. You can always switch between subscriptions and you can cancel your subscription when you prefer to do so. We’re making use of Yammer because we don’t want to answer the same questions over and over again. We’re all about helping organisations with Office 365 adoption and are not worried to lose you as a customer.


Other Cloud services

Onze op maat gemaakte Office 365 workshop & training is de beste manier om in korte tijd het maximale uit het Office 365 platform te halen. Office 365 training & workshop

We help organisations get the most out of the Office 365 platform by providing customized workshops, sharing video tutorials and answering questions afterwards on Yammer.

You can gain strategic insights in the possibilities and risks regarding the Cloud with our Cloud scan and you can always ask questions afterwards on Yammer.