Office 365 training & workshop for management, departments and teams
Get the most out of Office 365 by making use of custom workshops facilitated by and instructional videos made by the best Office 365 adoption experts.
Office 365
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Microsoft 365 training & workshop

Microsoft 365 training & workshop for teams, management and departments

Is your organisation making use of the potential of Office 365 or are they still making use of network drives? We can help your organistion to get the most out of the Office 365 platform and we do this by providing customized workshops and trainings and creating video tutorials in both English and Dutch.

Our workshops have been specifically designed for the management, teams and departments.  Our experts have extensive experience with Office 365 adoption and we always allow participants to ask questions after the workshop or training has taken place. We also answer questions shared below our videos in your Enterprise Social network.

  • Personal productivity
  • Internal communication & collaboration
  • External communication & collaboration
  • IT support, security, privacy & UX/UI reviews
  • Ideation/brainstorming, product development
Interested to learn more? Contact us or schedule a call with one of our experts. We’re happy to look at the possibilities for your organistion. Don’t forget to follow us on FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn to stay up to date regarding our services and technology blog.

Onze op maat gemaakte Office 365 workshop & training is de beste manier om in korte tijd het maximale uit het Office 365 platform te halen. Office 365 training & workshop
All audiences

Our workshops have been created specifically for different audiences. Each workshop focuses on different aspects of Office 365. Examples are: workshop for management, security workshop for IT, community management workshop for the Internal Communications department etc.

Inspiring location

It really helps to have the workshop or training take place at an inspiring location, but we leave that up to you. We have recommendations, but we can also simply visit your office if that’s something you prefer.

Connect virtually

We understand that having everyone in the same place helps for workshops and trainings, but we have experience in offering people the option to connect virtually. We can easily integrate this into the workshop or training process.


We always record the audio and video in high quality as we can then make this available to people who didn’t have the option to join. This also helps as nobody really needs to take notes, everything can be checked again online afterwards.

Discussion online

The workshop or training is not where it ends. We will share the video and our recommendation online and our experts will be available for an additional couple of weeks to participate in the online discussion.


Other Cloud services

Office 365 advies | Office 365 expert van Enterprise Social Nederland | office 365 expert advice | office 365 advice

Our Office 365 expert will join your Yammer network to answer questions and introduce new Office 365 features and services. The expert also helps with the adoption of O365.

You can gain strategic insights in the possibilities and risks regarding the Cloud with our Cloud scan and you can always ask questions afterwards on Yammer.

Examples of video tutorials

Yammer (overview)

Yammer (settings)

Skype for Business (introduction)