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Get the most ouf ot the Cloud with our Cloud scan. We can help you with website development, social media and internal/external communication.
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Cloud scan

Gain strategic insight into Cloud opportunities by using the Office 365 & Cloud scan

The Office 365 & Cloud scan include an analysis of your IT environment and advise you on pretty much anything related to the Cloud. Our experts can help you with SEO, UX/UI, Social Media services such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. We’re not associated with any other organisation and can advise you while being completely objective.

Our experts are all experienced Cloud consultants. That’s why they can help you when you have to compare Cloud services provided by different companies. We can also review these services and review the work of marketing & communication agencies or the web care team. The Office 365 & Cloud scan helps you with this crucial and inevitable next step for your organisation.

  • Experienced Cloud consultants
  • Internal & external communication
  • Cloud migration
  • Cloud adoption
  • Roadmap development
Interested to learn more? Contact us or schedule a call with one of our experts. We’re happy to look at the possibilities for your organisation. Don’t forget to follow us on FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn to stay up to date regarding our services and technology blog.

Intake at your office

We will schedule a call first to discuss the scan and determine when the workshop will take place. We will also schedule a meeting at your office to discuss the process and allign on what the desired outcome.

Survey before the workshop

We like to be pragmatic, but we also like to have more information to work with. That’s why we send out a survey before the workshop takes place and use the input for a discussion during the workshop itself.

Workshop at your office

The workshop starts with a discussion based on the results of the survey. We then dive into Cloud technology and how your organisation is making use of it right now. The rest of the workshop will focus on identifying the quick wins and formulating a sound strategy for the Cloud.

Advice that matters

We will give you advice during the workshop, but we will also share a report where our recommendations and findings are elaborated on.

Discussion online

The workshop is not where it ends. We will share a video recording of the session and our recommendations online. Our experts will be available for an additional couple of weeks to participate in the online discussion.


Other Cloud services

Office 365 advies | Office 365 expert van Enterprise Social Nederland | office 365 expert advice | office 365 advice

Our Office 365 expert will join your Yammer network to answer questions and introduce new Office 365 features and services. The expert also helps with the adoption of O365.

Onze op maat gemaakte Office 365 workshop & training is de beste manier om in korte tijd het maximale uit het Office 365 platform te halen. Office 365 training & workshop

We help organisations get the most out of the Office 365 platform by providing customized workshops, sharing video tutorials and answering questions afterwards on Yammer.