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Voor organisaties die het maximale uit Enterprise Social willen halen. Zero-email, Sociaal Intranet en Yammer advies, implementatie & adoptie. Dé ESN expert
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Power Platform Center of excellence & CoE starter kit

Your organisation can transition to zero-emails within weeks 

We don’t really make use of emails as consumers. We know email isn’t ideal, but we still send lots of emails when we work. We can guarantee you that it will take years if you don’t intervene and that’s why we developed a zero-email solution.  Organisations that transition to a zero-email solution by embracing Enterprise Social technology will experience many benefits and the most important one is the fact that this greatly increases the employee satisfaction.

We have helped many organisations with the implementation of zero-email solutions, launched Yammer networks and realized Social Intranet environments. We know what it takes to to achieve the best result and we have developed workshops for different types of audiences and can help realize a smooth transition. Interested to know more? Contact us or schedule a call with one of our experts. Want to stay up to date regarding zero-email developments? Follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn or YouTube channel.

Waste less time

Communication on an Enterprise Social network mostly consists of short messages, likes and the sharing of conversations. The conversations are rather dynamic. It usually takes only a couple of minutes to reach a large group of people because of the feeds and the way the experience has been designed. This transition will save your employees lots of time and this is something they can invest to help their colleagues.

Increase enagement

You’re leading by example when communication with your employees in a social and transparant way. This will inspire them to communicate the same way. Employees aren’t always motivated and the best way to get them more excited is not only by showing interest as management, but by getting your employees to be more interested in their colleagues. This transition will significantly increase the engagement of your employees.

More recognition

A lot of organisations give awards to employees when they exceed expectations, but this isn’t the best way to give them recognition. Awards leave out everyone else while Enterprise Social technology can help to really increase the amount of recognition people can get. It’s all about the recognition of colleagues and this is only possible by sharing experiences and asking questions. The success stories are all documented online and all contributors can be identified by following the conversations.

More flexibility

Most employees don’t look beyond their own responsibilities. By encouraging your employees to share input and feedback where others can see it and where others can also resprond, you’re giving your employees more options to make use of their creativity and ingenuity.

Knowledge stored

By encouraging employees to communicate in a more transparant way, all the conversations and knwoledge is is saved where others can access it even after people leave your organisation.


    Interviews & analysis of current experience and requirements for a zero-email solution


    Workshops and set up of PoC environment to allow stakeholders to experience zero-email


    Workshops for creating content and providing training for all community managers


    Implementation of solution, training for management and setting up community


    Project evaluation, measuring adoption and incorporating feedback in a roadmap

zero-email oplossing van enterprise social nederland

Other Enterprise Social solutions

It takes more than just allowing people to “like” articles and comment on them to realize a Social Intranet. We have realized many Social Intranet environment and we know how to integrate the Intranet (SharePoint) with your Enterprise Social network (Yammer). This is important because it doesn’t compromise the experience and takes into account the different types of audiences you want to reach. We also incorporate feedback from users before a single line of code is written.


The introduction of an Enterprise Social network such as Yammer is one of the most important steps with regard to adoption of this technology. Our custom made workshops for departments and management help to realize a great first experience and get a critical mass on the Enterprise Social network within weeks of months instead of years. We know exactly what it takes to be successful with Enterprise Social technology and have proven this many times before.